Plastic Classification via In-line Hyperspectral Camera Analysis and Unsupervised Machine Learning

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Current Prospects for Plastic Waste Treatment
The excessive amount of global plastic produced over the past century, together with poor waste management, has raised concerns about environmental sustainability. Plastic recycling has become a
What Are Lake Beaches Made of? An Assessment of Plastic Beach Litter on the Shores of Como Bay (Italy)
Plastic waste dispersion is a well-recognized environmental threat, despite continuous efforts towards improving waste disposal management over the last few decades. Plastic litter is known to
Color Recognition of Transparent Plastic Based on Multi-Wavelength Transmission Spectrum
A color recognition model was established based on the color features and naive Bayes model and the 10-fold cross-validation results showed that the recognition accuracy of the four colors of transparent plastic reached 100%.
Assessment of Performance and Challenges in Use of Commercial Automated Sorting Technology for Plastic Waste
Recycling plastic is an important step towards a circular economy. Attaining high-quality recycled plastics requires the separation of plastic waste by type, color, and size prior to reprocessing.
Machine Learning of polymer types from the spectral signature of Raman spectroscopy microplastics data
This paper investigates whether the signatures (Raman shift values) are distinct enough such that well studied machine learning (ML) models can be trusted to identify polymer types in microplastics.


Synthesis and Characterization of Poly(ether ether ketone) Derivatives Obtained by Carbonyl Reduction
Hydroxylated poly(ether ether ketone) (PEEK-OH) samples, with different degrees of functionalization, have been synthesized by selective carbonyl reduction. The ATR-FTIR and NMR spectra corroborated
Macroplastics at sea around Antarctica.