Plasmonic Bubble Nucleation and Growth in Water: Effect of Dissolved Air

  title={Plasmonic Bubble Nucleation and Growth in Water: Effect
of Dissolved Air},
  author={Xiaolai Li and Yuliang Wang and M. E. Zaytsev and Guillaume P R Lajoinie and Hai Le The and Johan G. Bomer and J. C. T. Eijkel and Harold J. W. Zandvliet and Xuehua Zhang and Detlef Lohse},
  booktitle={The journal of physical chemistry. C, Nanomaterials and interfaces},
  • Xiaolai Li, Yuliang Wang, +7 authors Detlef Lohse
  • Published in
    The journal of physical…
  • Chemistry, Physics, Medicine
  • Under continuous laser irradiation, noble metal nanoparticles immersed in water can quickly heat up, leading to the nucleation of so-called plasmonic bubbles. In this work, we want to further understand the bubble nucleation and growth mechanism. In particular, we quantitatively study the effect of the amount of dissolved air on the bubble nucleation and growth dynamics, both for the initial giant bubble, which forms shortly after switching on the laser and is mainly composed of vapor, and for… CONTINUE READING

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