Plasminogen: a brief introduction into its biochemistry and function.

  title={Plasminogen: a brief introduction into its biochemistry and function.},
  author={C. Miyashita and E. M. Wenzel and Margarethe Heiden},
  volume={18 Suppl 1},
Human plasminogen is a beta-globulin (2% carbohydrate, molecular weight 90 KD), which in its native form has NH2-terminal glutamic acid (Glu-plasminogen) whose primary structure is known (31, 37, 38). From human plasma plasminogen can easily be isolated by affinity chromatography techniques (10, 25, and Table 1). Plasminogen is synthesized in many organs. The production site of the zymogen may be the liver (21), the eosinophiles (3) or the kidney (15). The plasma-plasminogen level is low in… CONTINUE READING
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