Plasmids for expression of heterologous proteins in Rhizopus oryzae

  title={Plasmids for expression of heterologous proteins in Rhizopus oryzae},
  author={Jeffrey A. Mertens and Christopher D. Skory and Ashraf S Ibrahim},
  journal={Archives of Microbiology},
Rhizopus oryzae has long been used for enzyme production (e.g., glucoamylase and lipase), organic acid synthesis, and various fermented food applications. In this work, we describe a set of plasmid-based expression vectors that can be used for the production of heterologous proteins in R. oryzae. Three plasmid vectors have been created using either the glucoamylase A (amyA), pyruvate decarboxylase (pdcA), or phosphoglycerate kinase (pgk1) promoters to drive expression of heterologous proteins… CONTINUE READING
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