Plasmid transformation of Azotobacter vinelandii OP.

  title={Plasmid transformation of Azotobacter vinelandii OP.},
  author={James L. Doran and Wade H Bingle and K. Lakshmi Kalpana Roy and Koji Hiratsuka and W. J. Page},
  journal={Journal of general microbiology},
  volume={133 8},
Azotobacter vinelandii OP which had been naturally induced to competence by growth in iron- and molybdenum-limited medium was transformed with the broad-host-range cloning vector pKT210. However, the transformation frequency at nearly saturating levels of DNA was 1000-fold lower for pKT210 than for a single chromosomal DNA marker (nif+). Plasmid- and chromosomal-DNA-mediated transformation events were competitive, magnesium-dependent, 42 degrees C-sensitive processes specific to double-stranded… CONTINUE READING