Plasmid-mediated virulence genes in non-typhoid Salmonella serovars.

  title={Plasmid-mediated virulence genes in non-typhoid Salmonella serovars.},
  author={Donald G. Guiney and Ferric C Fang and Malgorzata Krause and Stephen James Libby},
  journal={FEMS microbiology letters},
  volume={124 1},
Specific non-typhoid Salmonella serovars carry large virulence plasmids that promote sustained extra-intestinal infections. These plasmids all share a highly conserved 8-kb region containing the spv operon, consisting of the regulatory spvR locus and the four structural spvABCD genes. The SpvR protein belongs to the LysR/MetR family of transcriptional activators, and induces spvABCD expression in the stationary phase in response to nutrient limitation. spv expression also depends on the… CONTINUE READING
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