Plasmid-mediated iron uptake and virulence in Vibrio anguillarum.

  title={Plasmid-mediated iron uptake and virulence in Vibrio anguillarum.},
  author={Michiel Stork and Manuela Di Lorenzo and T J Welch and Lidia M. Crosa and Jorge H. Crosa},
  volume={48 3},
The plasmid pJM1 of Vibrio anguillarum harbors genes encoding proteins that enable the bacterial cell to survive under iron limiting conditions. A subset of these proteins are involved in the biosynthesis of the siderophore anguibactin and in the internalization of the ferric-siderophore into the cell cytosol. We have identified several genes encoding non-ribosomal peptide synthetases that catalyze the synthesis of anguibactin, these genes are: angB/G, angM, angN, angR, and angT. In addition… CONTINUE READING

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