Plasma urotensin II in heart failure.

  title={Plasma urotensin II in heart failure.},
  author={Arthur Mark Richards and M. G. Nicholls and John G. Lainchbury and Stephen R. Fisher and Timothy G. Yandle},
  volume={360 9332},
Urotensin II has vasoconstrictive and negative inotropic effects, suggesting a possible role in circulatory regulation and pathophysiology of heart failure. We developed a sensitive specific RIA and measured plasma urotensin II in patients with heart failure and in controls. Plasma urotensin II was higher in heart failure patients (mean 3.9 pmol/L [SD 1.4]; than in controls (1.9 pmol/L [0.9]; p<0.0001). The role of urotensin II in heart failure, however, has yet to be defined. 

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