Plasma protein variations in hemophiliacs receiving factor replacement therapy.


OBJECTIVE Post transfusion manifestations and its affiliated factors are vital to understand in a disease like hemophilia where multi-transfusions are given to the patients. METHODS To investigate the implications of factor replacement therapy on plasma proteins, 52 hemophiliacs and 68 carrier females were examined for 12 plasma proteins using various electrophoretic techniques. RESULTS Severe hemophiliacs showed raised levels ( p< 0.05) of a2 M, IgG and Albumins where values were found to be 4.78 +/- 0.865 g/l, 21.48 +/- 3.38 g/l, 66.26 +/- 11.92 g/l respectively at 95% confidence intervals however, controls and carriers showed trivial variations. CONCLUSION Juxtaposing the dissimilarities of 12 plasma proteins in carriers, controls and hemophiliacs, it has been gleaned that factor replacement therapy do play role when seen in severe hemophiliacs with raised levels.

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