Plasma osteocalcin levels in liver cirrhosis.

  title={Plasma osteocalcin levels in liver cirrhosis.},
  author={Franco Capra and Massimo Casaril and Giovanni Battista Gabrielli and Anna Maria Stanzial and Silvia Ferrari and Giorgio Gandini and Giancarlo Falezza and Roberto Corrocher},
  journal={The Italian journal of gastroenterology},
  volume={23 3},
Osteocalcin, a recently identified protein, is produced by osteoblasts in the bone tissue. Its plasma level is a good marker of bone metabolism and is reduced in the presence of 'osteodystrophia', commonly found in cholostatic liver diseases. We assayed plasma osteocalcin levels in 20 cirrhotic patients and compared the values with those of 22 healthy controls. In the same patients we also measured the liver function, clotting and mineral metabolism indexes and calcitonin plasma levels… CONTINUE READING