Plasma membrane voltage changes during nanosecond pulsed electric field exposure.

  title={Plasma membrane voltage changes during nanosecond pulsed electric field exposure.},
  author={Wolfgang Frey and Jeffrey A. White and Robin O Price and Peter F. Blackmore and Ravindra P. Joshi and Richard Nuccitelli and Stephen J. Beebe and Karl H. Schoenbach and Juergen F. Kolb},
  journal={Biophysical journal},
  volume={90 10},
The change in the membrane potential of Jurkat cells in response to nanosecond pulsed electric fields was studied for pulses with a duration of 60 ns and maximum field strengths of approximately 100 kV/cm (100 V/cell diameter). Membranes of Jurkat cells were stained with a fast voltage-sensitive dye, ANNINE-6, which has a subnanosecond voltage response time. A temporal resolution of 5 ns was achieved by the excitation of this dye with a tunable laser pulse. The laser pulse was synchronized with… CONTINUE READING

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