Plasma membrane changes associated with rat liver regeneration.


The lipid composition and fluidity of plasma membranes have been studied at different stages of liver regeneration (4, 15 and 24 h after surgery). The phospholipid and fatty acid composition is not modified, whereas the cholesterol/phospholipid ratio is lower with respect to control membranes. The modification of the physical properties of the membranes has been studied directly by EPR analysis and indirectly by temperature dependence and cooperativity of some membrane-bound enzymes (Mg2+-ATPase, (Na+ + K+)-ATPase and 5'nucleotidase). Surgical operation or anaesthesia alone causes an early increase in fluidity; such an effect appears to be markedly reduced at a later stage. There seems to be a marked effect of regeneration on plasma membrane fluidity 15 h after partial hepatectomy when several parameters--surface fluidity, cholesterol/phospholipid ratio, and 5'-nucleotidase activity in the presence of concanavalin A -- are modified and indicate an increase in membrane fluidity. It is suggested that this modification of membrane properties could be related to the proliferative process.


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