Plasma-catalytic hybrid process for CO2 methanation: optimization of operation parameters

  title={Plasma-catalytic hybrid process for CO2 methanation: optimization of operation parameters},
  author={Maria Mikhail and B. Wang and R. Jalain and Simeon Cavadias and Michael Tatoulian and St{\'e}phanie Ognier and Mar{\'i}a Elena G{\'a}lvez and Patrick Da Costa},
  journal={Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis},
The present study focuses on the hybrid plasma catalytic process for CO2 methanation. This plasma-catalytic process, based on the combination of a DBD plasma and Ni/CeZrO2 catalyst, has several advantages over conventional catalysis: it operates at ambient conditions and requires no external heating. An optimization of the process considering the effect of the different operational parameters such as voltage, GHSV, catalyst mass, flow rate, discharge length, is herein presented. Moreover, a… 

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