Plasma-assisted pretreatment of wheat straw for ethanol production.

  title={Plasma-assisted pretreatment of wheat straw for ethanol production.},
  author={Nadja Schultz-Jensen and Zs{\'o}fia K{\'a}d{\'a}r and Anna Belinda Thomsen and Henrik Bindslev and Frank Leipold},
  journal={Applied biochemistry and biotechnology},
  volume={165 3-4},
The potential of wheat straw for ethanol production after pretreatment with O(3) generated in a plasma at atmospheric pressure and room temperature followed by fermentation was investigated. We found that cellulose and hemicellulose remained unaltered after ozonisation and a subsequent washing step, while lignin was degraded up to 95% by O(3). The loss of… CONTINUE READING