Plasma aldosterone concentrations in chronic renal disease.

  title={Plasma aldosterone concentrations in chronic renal disease.},
  author={Ronald J. Hen{\'e} and Peter C. A. M. den Boer and Hein A. Koomans and Evert J. Dorhout Mees},
  journal={Kidney international},
  volume={21 1},
The disagreement in the literature concerning the role of aldosterone in the maintenance of potassium homeostasis in chronic renal disease might be partially explained by differences in plasma renin activity (PRA) among individual patients. Therefore, a study was done in 28 selected patients with varying degrees of renal insufficiency whose serum potassium and PRA concentrations were within the normal range. The results indicate that at comparable serum potassium and PRA concentrations, plasma… CONTINUE READING