Plasma CD147 reflects histological features in patients with lupus nephritis.

  title={Plasma CD147 reflects histological features in patients with lupus nephritis.},
  author={Mayuko Maeda-Hori and Tomoki Kosugi and Hiroshi Kojima and Wakao Sato and Shinichiro Inaba and Kazuha Maeda and Hiroshi Nagaya and Yasufumi Sato and Takatsugu Ishimoto and Tomoya Ozaki and Naotake Tsuboi and Yoshinao Muro and Yukio Yuzawa and Eri Imai and Richard J Johnson and Sadanori Matsuo and Kenji Kadomatsu and Shoichi Maruyama},
  volume={23 4},
OBJECTIVE A glycosylated transmembrane protein, CD147, has been implicated in regulating lymphocyte responsiveness and leukocyte recruitment. As lupus nephritis (LN) often follows a relapsing-remitting disease course, accurate understanding of the disease activity would be extremely helpful in improving prognosis. Unfortunately, neither clinical nor serological data can accurately reflect the histological features of LN. The present study investigated whether CD147 can accurately predict… CONTINUE READING

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