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Plaskett 1.8 metre Observations of Starlink Satellites

  title={Plaskett 1.8 metre Observations of Starlink Satellites},
  author={Aaron C. Boley and Ewan Wright and Samantha M. Lawler and Paul Hickson and David D. Balam},
We present observations of 23 Starlink satellites in the g′ bandpass, obtained from the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory’s Plaskett 1.8 metre telescope. The targets include a mixture of satellites with and without brightness mitigation measures (i.e., visors). At the time of the observations (16 July 2021), Starlink satellites were sunlight throughout the night, and even with strict elevation and azimuth limits, there were over 800 candidate Starlink arcs. The satellites altogether have a… Expand

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