Plaque formation by Chlamydia in L cells.

  title={Plaque formation by Chlamydia in L cells.},
  author={Jackie Banks and B U Eddie and Julius S Schachter and K. F. Meyer},
  journal={Infection and immunity},
  volume={1 3},
Chlamydiae were found capable of producing plaques in several cell lines. Mouse fibroblast cells, L-929, proved the most sensitive to infection and yielded plaques of the highest clarity. Assay of chlamydial infectivity by plaque titration was at least as sensitive as egg ld(50) determination. Among chlamydial isolates of avian, mammalian, and human origin, only slow-growing trachoma-inclusion-conjunctivitis agents did not produce plaques. The plaque assay is highly sensitive, reproducible, and… CONTINUE READING

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