Plantwide control of CO2 capture by absorption and stripping using monoethanolamine solution

  title={Plantwide control of CO2 capture by absorption and stripping using monoethanolamine solution},
  author={Yu-Jeng Lin and Tian-Hong Pan and David Shan-Hill Wong and Shi-Shang Jang},
  journal={Proceedings of the 2011 American Control Conference},
In this study, plantwide control of an absorption/stripping CO2 capture process using mono-ethanolamine was investigated using dynamic simulation. In this system, CO2 removal ratio is influenced by operating variables such as lean solvent rate and lean solvent loading, which is in-turn determined by reboiler duty in the stripper. Moreover, we found that the long term stability of the system cannot be achieved unless the water balance is properly maintained. Hence the following control structure… CONTINUE READING

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