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Plants from ethnomedicines used against diabetes mellitus – rationale and quality control of Leonurus sibiricus L. (Lamiaceae) and Juglans regia L. (Juglandaceae)

  title={Plants from ethnomedicines used against diabetes mellitus – rationale and quality control of Leonurus sibiricus L. (Lamiaceae) and Juglans regia L. (Juglandaceae)},
  author={Anna Pitschmann},
Die vorliegende Arbeit untersucht zwei Arzneipflanzen, Leonurus sibiricus L. und Juglans regia L.. Aus der Traditionellen Mongolische Medizin (TMM) und der Osterreichischen Volksmedizin sind Anwendungen der jeweiligen Pflanze bei Diabetes mellitus uberliefert. Ein Review uber die Charakteristika von TMM stellt dieses bisher wenig bekannte Medizinalsystem in Kapitel 1.2.2 vor. In drei weiteren Publikationen werden Effekte auf den Glukosestoffwechsel, phytochemische und teilweise mikroskopische… 


Phytochemische Untersuchungen von Leonurus sibiricus L. (Lamiaceae)
Die vorliegende Diplomarbeit liefert einen Beitrag zur naheren Untersuchung des Original-Wasserextraktes (OWE) der mongolischen Arzneipflanze Leonurus sibiricus L.. Diese Medizinalpflanze findet in
Charakterisierung von phenolischen Inhaltsstoffen aus wässrigen Extrakten von Leonurus sibiricus L. (Lamiaceae)
Ziel dieser Diplomarbeit war es, die phenolischen Inhaltsstoffe des Original Wasserextraktes von Leonurus sibiricus L. zu charakterisieren, da sich das wassrige Extrakt bei Zelltests an
Identification and quantification of flavonoids and ellagic acid derivatives in therapeutically important Drosera species by LC–DAD, LC–NMR, NMR, and LC–MS
The LC–DAD method for quantification enables, for the first time, separation and precise analysis of these analytes in Droserae herba, and is excellently suited to quality control of the drug or herbal medicinal products containing this drug.
Walnut (Juglans regia L.) leaves: phenolic compounds, antibacterial activity and antioxidant potential of different cultivars.
  • J. Pereira, Ivo Oliveira, L. Estevinho
  • Biology, Medicine
    Food and chemical toxicology : an international journal published for the British Industrial Biological Research Association
  • 2007
Effect of ethanolic extract of Juglans regia L. on blood sugar in diabetes-induced rats.
Data show the ethanolic extract from leaves of J. regia has a dramatic antidiabetic effect on diabetes-induced rats, and effects of administering glibenclamide or extract of Juglans regia on all parameters showed no difference.
Quantification of flavonoid glycosides in an aqueous extract from the traditional Mongolian medicinal plant Dianthus versicolor FISCH.
An HPLC-diode array detection method was established in order to investigate dried aerial parts of Dianthus versicolor FISCH, a plant used in traditional Mongolian medicine against liver impairment, and the results highlight the need for proper quality control for this herbal drug.
Utility and importance of walnut, Juglans regia Linn: A review
The present review attempts to provide comprehensive information on the ethnobotanical use, pharmacology, nutritional value, preclinical and clinical studies, toxicity, other uses and current research prospects of the Juglans regia L.