Plantlet regeneration through leaf callus culture in sugarcane

  title={Plantlet regeneration through leaf callus culture in sugarcane},
  author={Ramanand and N. Kureel and N. Subhanand and M Maureen Lal and Sindhu Singh},
  journal={Sugar Tech},
The young meristematic leaf sheath expiants of sugarcane genotype S-3807/99 were aseptically inoculated on agar (7.5 g/1) gelled Murashige and Skoog’ (MS) medium containing 20 g/1 sucrose andNAA, IBA and 2,4-D for callus formation. Maximum 67.3% expiants showed callus initiation within 10–14 days at 4.0 mg/1 2,4-D. The actively growing calli were transferred on agar solidified MS medium fortified with different concentrations of BAP, Kn and NAA. Shoot regeneration was recorded in 58.3% callus… CONTINUE READING


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