Planting six tree species on soda-saline-alkali soil


Populus simonigra, Salix matsudana, Ulmus pumila, Populus nigra, Acer negundo, Fraxinus mandshurica. Tamarix chinensis, Hippophae rhammoldes, Syriga onlata were planted on the soda-saline-alkali. The soil had pH 8.5–9.6, salinity 0.1%–0.3%, sodiumionized ratio 16%–51% and normality ratio of saline base Na+/(Ca+++Mg++)>4. Populus simonigra grows very well on the all kinds of soda-saline-alkali soils except on the alkali sport with the worst soil condition and showed a high wood increments and biomass. After 9 a, the volume can reach 100 m3/hm2, and the above-ground biomass can rearch 28.7 t/hm2.

DOI: 10.1007/BF02912329

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