Plant-soil feedback and the maintenance of diversity in Mediterranean-climate shrublands

  title={Plant-soil feedback and the maintenance of diversity in Mediterranean-climate shrublands},
  author={François P. Teste and Paul Kardol and Benjamin L Turner and David A Wardle and Graham Zemunik and Michael Renton and Etienne Lalibert{\'e}},
Soil biota influence plant performance through plant-soil feedback, but it is unclear whether the strength of such feedback depends on plant traits and whether plant-soil feedback drives local plant diversity. We grew 16 co-occurring plant species with contrasting nutrient-acquisition strategies from hyperdiverse Australian shrublands and exposed them to soil biota from under their own or other plant species. Plant responses to soil biota varied according to their nutrient-acquisition strategy… CONTINUE READING

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G. Zemunik, B. L. Turner, H. Lambers, E. Laliberté
Plants 1, • 1505
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