Plant rhabdoviruses-their origins and vector interactions.

  title={Plant rhabdoviruses-their origins and vector interactions.},
  author={Anna E Whitfield and Ordom Brian Huot and Kathleen M. Martin and Hideki Kondō and Ralf G. Dietzgen},
  journal={Current opinion in virology},
Classical plant rhabdoviruses infect monocot and dicot plants, have unsegmented negative-sense RNA genomes and have been taxonomically classified in the genera Cytorhabdovirus and Nucleorhabdovirus. These viruses replicate in their hemipteran vectors and are transmitted in a circulative-propagative mode and virus infection persists for the life of the insect. Based on the discovery of numerous novel rhabdoviruses in arthropods during metagenomic studies and extensive phylogenetic analyses of… CONTINUE READING
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