Plant invasions, generalist herbivores, and novel defense weapons.

  title={Plant invasions, generalist herbivores, and novel defense weapons.},
  author={Urs Schaffner and Wendy M. Ridenour and Vera C. Wolf and Thomas J Bassett and Caroline M{\"u}ller and H. M{\"u}ller-sch{\"a}rer and Steve Sutherland and Christopher J. Lortie and Ragan Morrison Callaway},
  volume={92 4},
One commonly accepted mechanism for biological invasions is that species, after introduction to a new region, leave behind their natural enemies and therefore increase in distribution and abundance. However, which enemies are escaped remains unclear. Escape from specialist invertebrate herbivores has been examined in detail, but despite the profound effects of generalist herbivores in natural communities their potential to control invasive species is poorly understood. We carried out parallel… CONTINUE READING