Plant immunophilins: functional versatility beyond protein maturation.

  title={Plant immunophilins: functional versatility beyond protein maturation.},
  author={Patrick G. N. Romano and Julie E Gray and Peter Horton and Sheng Luan},
  journal={The New phytologist},
  volume={166 3},
Originally identified as the cellular targets of immunosuppressant drugs, the immunophilins encompass two ubiquitous protein families: the FK-506 binding proteins or FKBPs, and the cyclosporin-binding proteins or cyclophilins. Present in organisms ranging from bacteria to animals and plants, these proteins are characterized by their enzymatic activity; the peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerization of polypeptides. Whilst this function is important for protein folding, it has formed the functional… CONTINUE READING
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