Plant-herbivore-decomposer stoichiometric mismatches and nutrient cycling in ecosystems.

  title={Plant-herbivore-decomposer stoichiometric mismatches and nutrient cycling in ecosystems.},
  author={Mehdi Ch{\'e}rif and Michel Loreau},
  journal={Proceedings. Biological sciences},
  volume={280 1754},
Plant stoichiometry is thought to have a major influence on how herbivores affect nutrient availability in ecosystems. Most conceptual models predict that plants with high nutrient contents increase nutrient excretion by herbivores, in turn raising nutrient availability. To test this hypothesis, we built a stoichiometrically explicit model that includes a simple but thorough description of the processes of herbivory and decomposition. Our results challenge traditional views of herbivore impacts… CONTINUE READING
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