Plant growth and responses of antioxidants of Chenopodium album to long-term NaCl and KCl stress

  title={Plant growth and responses of antioxidants of Chenopodium album to long-term NaCl and KCl stress},
  author={Shixiang Yao and Shasha Chen and Dongsheng Xu and Haiyan Lan},
  journal={Plant Growth Regulation},
The effects of long-term NaCl and KCl treatment on plant growth and antioxidative responses were investigated in Chenopodium album, a salt-resistant species widely distributed in semi-arid and light-saline areas of Xinjiang, China. Growth parameters [plant height, branch number, leaf morphology and chlorophyll (Chl) content], the level of oxidative stress [superoxide anion radical (O2 −), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and malondialdehyde (MDA) concentrations], activity of antioxidant enzymes… CONTINUE READING
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