Plant MAP kinase kinase kinases structure, classification and evolution.

  title={Plant MAP kinase kinase kinases structure, classification and evolution.},
  author={Stefan Jouannic and Abdellah Hamal and A S Leprince and James Tregear and Martin Kreis and Yves Henry},
  volume={233 1-2},
The increasing number of reports describing plant MAP kinase signalling components reflects the cardinal role that MAP kinase pathways are likely to play during plant growth and development. Relationship and structural analyses of plant MAP kinase kinase kinase related cDNAs and genes established, on one hand, the PMEKKs, which may be distinguished into the alpha, beta, gamma, and zeta groups, and, on the other hand, the PRAFs that consist of the delta, eta and theta groups. Plant MAP3Ks are… CONTINUE READING

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