Plant Disease Detection through the Implementation of Diversified and Modified Neural Network Algorithms

  title={Plant Disease Detection through the Implementation of Diversified and Modified Neural Network Algorithms},
  author={F. Nihar and N. Khanom and Syed Sahariar Hassan and Amit Kumar Das},
In the era of artificial systems, disease detection is becoming easier. For detecting disease, monitoring the plants 24 hours, visiting the agricultural office, or asking for help from a specialist seem difficult. This situation demands a user-friendly plant disease detection system, which allows people to detect whether the plant is diseased or not in an easier way.  If the plant is diseased, a treatment plan will also be notified. In this way, people can easily save time, money, and, most… Expand
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Image-based Onion Disease (Purple Blotch) Detection using Deep Convolutional Neural Network
This research investigates a novel approach for the rapid and accurate diagnosis of plant/crop diseases, laying the theoretical foundation for the use of deep learning in agricultural information. Expand


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A multilayer convolutional neural network (MCNN) is proposed for the classification of the Mango leaves infected by the Anthracnose fungal disease and the results envisage the higher classification accuracy of the proposed MCNN model when compared to the other state-of-the-art approaches. Expand
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The solution is a novel, scalable and accessible tool for disease management of diverse agricultural crop plants and can be deployed as a Cloud based service for farmers and experts for ecologically sustainable crop production. Expand
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An investigation into the main factors that affect the design and effectiveness of deep neural nets applied to plant pathology is presented. Expand
A comparative study of fine-tuning deep learning models for plant disease identification
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The proposed three-channel convolutional neural networks model can automatically learn the representative features from the complex diseased leaf images, and effectively recognize vegetable diseases. Expand
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Using a public dataset of 54,306 images of diseased and healthy plant leaves collected under controlled conditions, a deep convolutional neural network is trained to identify 14 crop species and 26 diseases (or absence thereof). Expand
Real-Time Detection of Apple Leaf Diseases Using Deep Learning Approach Based on Improved Convolutional Neural Networks
The results demonstrate that the novel INAR-SSD model provides a high-performance solution for the early diagnosis of apple leaf diseases that can perform real-time detection of these diseases with higher accuracy and faster detection speed than previous methods. Expand