Planning on 'Postmodern' Conditions

  title={Planning on 'Postmodern' Conditions},
  author={Kirsten Wiese Simonsen},
  journal={Acta Sociologica},
  pages={51 - 62}
  • K. Simonsen
  • Published 1 January 1990
  • Sociology
  • Acta Sociologica
The aim of the paper is to expose the social and political dialectics of planning and urban development under 'postmodern' conditions. First, the different meanings of the term 'postmodernism' are discussed, and it is argued that notwithstanding the problems and the ambiguities of the concept, the debate calls attention to important contemporary social and cultural transform ations. These are described as an interrelated development of on the one hand the socio-economic structure connected to a… 
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