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Planning in PDDL2.2 Domains with LPG-td

  title={Planning in PDDL2.2 Domains with LPG-td},
  author={A. Gerevini and A. Saetti and I. Serina and P. Toninelli},
Improving the efficiency of thePre-Optimization Plan Techniques
This thesis focuses on an important sub-area of post-planning optimisation; that is, on identifying and removing redundant actions from solution plans by extending the existing Action Elimination and Greedy Action Eliminations algorithms by introducing two approaches to improve their efficiency. Expand
Post-design analysis for building and refining AI planning systems
This paper investigates how knowledge acquired during a post-design phase of modeling can be used to improve the prospective model and argues that such a process is critical for the deployment of AI planning technology in real-world engineering applications. Expand
Optimizing Plans through Analysis of Action Dependencies and Independencies
A method is proposed for optimizing plans with respect to their length, by post-planning analysis based on analyzing action dependencies and independencies by which it is able to identify redundant actions or non-optimal sub-plans. Expand
Intelligent Process Adaptation in the SmartPM System
SmartPM is presented, a model and a prototype Process Management System featuring a set of techniques providing support for automated adaptation of knowledge-intensive processes at runtime, aiming at reducing error-prone and costly manual ad-hoc changes, and thus at relieving users from complex adaptations tasks. Expand
The PORSCE II framework: using AI planning for automated Semantic Web service composition
PORSCE II is an integrated system that performs automatic Semantic Web service composition exploiting artificial intelligence techniques, specifically planning, in order to perform composition under semantic awareness and relaxation. Expand
The MMP : A Mixed-Initiative Mission Planning System for the Multi-Aircraft Domain
The Universität der Bundeswehr München is conducting research in the field of single-operator multi-aircraft guidance. This article describes the Mixed-initiative Mission Planner (MMP) as far asExpand
Continuous online task planning and plan acting in a deterministic robot environment
A chronicle is associated with the abstract actions during the planning phase to act as a base for refining these actions into more detailed activities, and a temporal model that deals with the time interval for each action in the plan is included. Expand
An Optimal Approach to Anytime Task and Path Planning for Autonomous Mobile Robots in Dynamic Environments
A dynamic, anytime task and path planning approach that enables mobile robots to autonomously adapt to changes in the environment and is evaluated against existing methods for static planning problems, showing that it is able to find higher quality plans without compromising planning time. Expand
Appropriate Expressiveness of Planning Domain Models: An Urban Traffic Control Case Study
This paper considers a problem of efficient routing of vehicles in urban road networks and proposes three domain models with different level of expressiveness to address the problem, investigating how the models differ in terms of accuracy (quality of plans they produce) and efficiency of plan generation. Expand
Production Planning with IEC 62264 and PDDL
This article proposes a model-driven approach for the automatic generation and regeneration of production plans that can be triggered anytime a change in any of the three aforementioned parameters occurs. Expand


An Empirical Analysis of Some Heuristic Features for Local Search in LPG
Three heuristic functions for evaluating the search neighborhood and some settings of the "noise" parameter, that randomizes the next search step for escaping from local minima are examined. Expand
PDDL2.1: An Extension to PDDL for Expressing Temporal Planning Domains
The syntax of the language, PDDL2.1, is described, which has considerable modelling power -- exceeding the capabilities of current planning technology -- and presents a number of important challenges to the research community. Expand
Planning Through Stochastic Local Search and Temporal Action Graphs in LPG
This paper focuses on temporal planning, introducing TA-graphs and proposing some techniques to guide the search in LPG using this representation, and shows that these techniques can be very effective. Expand