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Planning and managing water resources at the river-basin level: emergence and evolution of a concept.

  title={Planning and managing water resources at the river-basin level: emergence and evolution of a concept.},
  author={François Molle},
  • F. Molle
  • Published 2006
  • Environmental Science

Going with the flow: River basins as the natural units for water management?

This article engages with the currently hegemonic status of a triad of water policy prescriptions: multi-stakeholder platforms, integrated water resources management, and river basin management. A

Squeezed dry: the historical trajectory of the Lower Jordan River Basin

In Molle, Francois.; Wester, P. (Eds.). River basin trajectories: societies, environments and development. Wallingford, UK: CABI; Colombo, Sri Lanka: International Water Management Institute

Soil releasing as key to rethink water spaces in urban planning

Soil sealing processes that involved European cities in the twentieth century have reduced the quantity and quality of permeable soils (open land for agricultural and leisure resources). These

Towards Better Human–Environment Interactions

The Damodar riverbed has provided a home for marginalized communities, but the riverine environment itself has deteriorated; presenting us with a challenge to develop a more holistic and sustainable

Scales and power in river basin management: the Chao Phraya River in Thailand1

Interventions on hydro/ecological systems by different categories of stakeholders characterised by different political, decision-making and discursive power, and varied access to resources, tend to

Water Realities and Development Trajectories : Global and Local Agricultural Production Dynamics

Water constraints for humans and nature are gaining more and more public attention as a critical environmental dilemma that needs to be addressed. When aquifers and rivers are running dry, the deba

Why Enough Is Never Enough: The Societal Determinants of River Basin Closure

Manifestations of water scarcity are increasingly frequent, even in regions with temperate climates and endowed with good water resources. This paper argues that several ‘bad good reasons’ and



A Perspective of River Basin Development

The river systems of the world flow today with only a small proportion of their total volume harnessed and applied for human good. With the exception of a few small drainage basins in arid regions,

River basin planning and management

This note is one in a series explaining the attributes and practical application of integrated river basin management. This note discusses: 1) Recent approaches to water resources planning; 2) How to

River Basin Development Planning and Management: A Critical Review

Institutions for Integrated River Basin Management in Latin America

Latin America is moving towards the concept of river basin management. However, one cannot prejudge the results of this shift, since integrated river basin management is a very complex subject, as

Land, Water and Development: Sustainable Management of River Basin Systems

1. History of river basin management, 2. Natural river basins: transfer systems, 3. Land and water: interactions, 4. Managing land and water in the developed world: an international survey 5. River

River basin development and management

In Molden, David (Ed.). Water for food, water for life: a Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management in Agriculture. London, UK: Earthscan; Colombo, Sri Lanka: International Water Management


ABSTRACT: In an effort to adopt more holistic ecosystem approaches to resource assessment and management, many state and federal agencies have begun using watershed or ecoregion frameworks. Although