Plankton community patterns across a trophic gradient : The role of zooplankton functional groups

  title={Plankton community patterns across a trophic gradient : The role of zooplankton functional groups},
  author={Jingyang Zhao and Maryam Ramin and Vincent TP Cheng and George B. Arhonditsis},
We use a complex aquatic biogeochemical model to examine competition patterns and structural shifts in plankton communities under nutrient enrichment conditions. Our model simulates multiple elemental cycles (organic C, N, P, Si, O), multiple functional phytoplankton (diatoms, green algae and cyanobacteria) and zooplankton (copepods and cladocerans) groups. The model provided a realistic platform to examine the functional properties (e.g., grazing strategies, food quality, predation rates… CONTINUE READING
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