PlanetSim: A New Overlay Network Simulation Framework

  title={PlanetSim: A New Overlay Network Simulation Framework},
  author={Pedro Garc{\'i}a L{\'o}pez and Carles Pairot and Rub{\'e}n Mond{\'e}jar and Jordi Pujol Ahull{\'o} and Helio Tejedor and Robert Rallo},
Current research in peer to peer systems is lacking appropriate environments for simulation and experimentation of large scale overlay services. This has led to a plethora of custom made simulators that waste development resources and hinder fair comparisons between different approaches. In this paper we present a new simulation / experimentation framework for large scale overlay services with three main contributions: i) provide a unifying approach to simulation/ experimentation that eases the… CONTINUE READING
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