Planck intermediate results - XXIV. Constraints on variations in fundamental constants

  title={Planck intermediate results - XXIV. Constraints on variations in fundamental constants},
  author={P. A. R. Ade and Nabila Aghanim and Monique Arnaud and M. Ashdown and Jonathan Aumont and Carlo Baccigalupi and Anthony J. Banday and R. B. Barreiro and Eduardo Battaner and Karim Benabed and A. Benoit-levy and J. -P. Bernard and M. Bersanelli and Pawel Bielewicz and John Richard Bond and Julian Borrill and François R. Bouchet and C. Burigana and Rush C. Butler and Erminia Chiara Calabrese and A. Chamballu and Huan-ching Chiang and Philip Christensen and David L. Clements and Loris P. L. Colombo and François Couchot and A. Curto and F. Cuttaia and Luigi Danese and Rodney D. Davies and Richard J. Davis and Paolo de Bernardis and Alessandra de F{\'a}tima Galv{\~a}o Rosa and Gianfranco de Zotti and Jacques Delabrouille and Jos{\'e} Mar{\'i}a Diego and H. Dole and Olivier Dor'e and Xavier Dupac and Torsten A. Ensslin and Hans Kristian Eriksen and Oph{\'e}lia Fabre and Fabio Finelli and Olivier Forni and Marco Frailis and Enrico Franceschi and S. Galeotta and Silvia Galli and Ken Ganga and Martin Giard and Joaqu{\'i}n Gonz{\'a}lez-Nuevo and Krzysztof G{\'o}rski and Anna Gregorio and Alessandro Gruppuso and Frode K. Hansen and Duncan Hanson and Diana Harrison and Sophie Henrot-Versill'e and Carlos Hernandez-Monteagudo and Diego Herranz and Sergi R. Hildebrandt and Eric F. Hivon and Michael P. Hobson and Warren Albert Holmes and Allan Hornstrup and Wolfgang Hovest and Kevin M. Huffenberger and Andrew H. Jaffe and Walter Clifford Jones and Elina Keihanen and Reijo Keskitalo and Ruediger Kneissl and J{\"o}rg Knoche and M. Nincheri Kunz and Hannu Kurki-Suonio and J. -M. Lamarre and Anthony Lasenby and Charles Lawrence and Renzo Leonardi and Julien Lesgourgues and Michele Liguori and Per B. Lilje and M.J.D. Linden-Vornle and Marcos L{\'o}pez-Caniego and Philip M. Lubin and J. F. Mac'ias-P'erez and N. Mandolesi and M. Maris and Peter George Martin and Enrique Martinez-Gonzalez and Silvia Masi and S. Matarrese and Pasquale Mazzotta and Peter R. Meinhold and Alessandro Melchiorri and Luis Mendes and Eloisa Menegoni and Aniello Mennella and Maurizio Migliaccio and M. -A. Miville-Deschenes and Andrea Moneti and Laurent Montier and Gianluca Morgante and Adam Moss and Dipak Munshi and J. Anthony Murphy and Pavel D. Naselsky and Federico Nati and Paolo Natoli and Hans Ulrik N{\o}rgaard-Nielsen and Fabio Noviello and Dmitrii Novikov and I. Novikov and Carol Anne Oxborrow and Luca Pagano and François Pajot and Daniela L. Paoletti and Fabio Pasian and Guillaume Patanchon and Olivier Perdereau and Laurence Perotto and Francesca Perrotta and Francesco Piacentini and M. l'Abbe C. Piat and Elena Pierpaoli and Davide Pietrobon and St{\'e}phane Plaszczynski and Etienne Pointecouteau and Gianluca Polenta and Nicolas Ponthieu and Lorena Diana Popa and Gabriel W. Pratt and Simon Prunet and Jorg P. Rachen and R. Rebolo and Martin Reinecke and Mathieu Remazeilles and Cyril Renault and Stefania Ricciardi and Isabelle Ristorcelli and Graça Rocha and Gael M. Roudier and Ben A. Rusholme and Matteo Sandri and Giorgio Savini and Douglas Scott and Locke D. Spencer and Vladislav Stolyarov and Rashmikant V. Sudiwala and David O. Sutton and A.-S. Suur-Uski and J. -F. Sygnet and Joshua A. Tauber and Daniele Tavagnacco and Laura Terenzi and L. Toffolatti and Maurizio Tomasi and Matthieu Tristram and Marco Tucci and J.-P. Uzan and Luca Valenziano and Jussi Valiviita and Bartjan van Tent and Patricio Vielva and Fabrizio Villa and Lawrence A. Wade and D. Yvon and Andrea Zacchei and Alberto Zonca},
  journal={Astronomy and Astrophysics},
  • P. A. R. Ade, Nabila Aghanim, +166 authors Alberto Zonca
  • Published 2015
  • Physics
  • Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Any variation in the fundamental physical constants, more particularly in the fine structure constant, α, or in the mass of the electron, me, affects the recombination history of the Universe and cause an imprint on the cosmic microwave background angular power spectra. We show that the Planck data allow one to improve the constraint on the time variation of the fine structure constant at redshift z ~ 103 by about a factor of 5 compared to WMAP data, as well as to break the degeneracy with the… CONTINUE READING


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