Planar and cylindrical active microwave temperature imaging: numerical simulations

  title={Planar and cylindrical active microwave temperature imaging: numerical simulations},
  author={Juan Manuel Rius and Christian Pichot and Lluis Jofre and Jean-Charles Bolomey and Nadine Joachimowicz and Antoni Broquetas and Miguel Ferrando},
  journal={IEEE transactions on medical imaging},
  volume={11 4},
A comparative study at 2.45 GHz concerning both measurement and reconstruction parameters for planar and cylindrical configurations is presented. For the sake of comparison, a numerical model consisting of two nonconcentric cylinders is considered and reconstructed using both geometries from simulated experimental data. The scattered fields and reconstructed images permit extraction of very useful information about dynamic range, sensitivity, resolution, and quantitative image accuracy for the… CONTINUE READING
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