Plague in camels and goats: their role in human epidemics.

  title={Plague in camels and goats: their role in human epidemics.},
  author={Anthony B. Christie and Tony H. H. Chen and Sanford S. Elberg},
  journal={The Journal of infectious diseases},
  volume={141 6},
In 1976, in a small, remote Libyan village, one apparently sick camel was slaughtered and skinned, and the camel meat was distributed for human comsumption. A few days later, 15 villagers suffered a severe febrile illness. Of the five individuals who had participated in the killing and dispensation of the camel, all were dead within four days. When samples of serum from nine of the remaining patients were examined, seven were found to be positive for plague as determined by the passive… CONTINUE READING