Placodal origin of Brn-3-expressing cranial sensory neurons.

  title={Placodal origin of Brn-3-expressing cranial sensory neurons.},
  author={Kristin Bruk Artinger and Natalia G. Fedtsova and Jerry M. Rhee and Marianne Bronner-Fraser and Eric K Turner},
  journal={Journal of neurobiology},
  volume={36 4},
The Brn-3 class of POU-domain transcription factors includes three genes in mammals which have key roles in the development of specific groups of sensory neurons. Here, we have identified three avian genes which correspond to the murine genes Brn-3.0, Brn-3.1, and Brn-3.2. Using an in situ hybridization probe generic for this gene class, the earliest detectable expression of Brn-3 in the chick is at stage 15, in placodal and migrating precursors of the trigeminal ganglion. By stage 19, Brn-3.0… CONTINUE READING


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Development of cranial placodes: insights from studies in chick.

Development, growth & differentiation • 2013
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