Placing femoral intramedullary nails in severely bowed femurs.


The authors describe a novel technique of anterograde femoral intramedullary nail fixation for hip fracture using the starting guide pin as a blocking screw. This cost-effective technique uses fluoroscopic radiography to ensure the guidewire is within the posterior aspect of the femur on a lateral view, thereby minimizing the risk of anterior cortical… (More)
DOI: 10.3928/01477447-20140225-05


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@article{Amin2014PlacingFI, title={Placing femoral intramedullary nails in severely bowed femurs.}, author={Nirav Hasmukh Amin and Rajit Chakravarty and Andre M Jakoi and Douglas L. Cerynik and Nader Toossi and Susan P. Harding}, journal={Orthopedics}, year={2014}, volume={37 3}, pages={179-82} }