Placentation in species of phylogenetic importance: the Afrotheria.

  title={Placentation in species of phylogenetic importance: the Afrotheria.},
  author={Anthony M Carter and Allen C. Enders and Heinz K{\"u}nzle and Dominic Oduor-Okelo and Peter A. Vogel},
  journal={Animal reproduction science},
Afrotheria, one of four mammalian superorders, comprises elephants, sea cows, hyraxes, aardvark, elephant shrews, tenrecs and golden moles. Their placentas either form an equatorial band or are discoid in shape. The interhemal region, separating fetal and maternal blood, is endotheliochorial in elephants, aardvark and possibly the sea cows, but hemochorial in the remaining orders. There is a secondary epitheliochorial placenta in elephant shrews while a similar structure in tenrecs erodes… CONTINUE READING