Placental stress factors and maternal-fetal adaptive response

  title={Placental stress factors and maternal-fetal adaptive response},
  author={Pasquale Florio and F. M. Severi and Pasquapina Ciarmela and Giovina Fiore and Giulia Calonaci and Angelica Merola and Claudio de Felice and Marco Palumbo and Dr. Felice Petraglia},
The placenta and its accessory membranes amnion and chorion undertake the role of intermediary barriers and active messengers in the maternal-fetal dialog. They synthesize, metabolize, and serve as target to numerous hormones that regulate maternal and fetal physiology during pregnancy. Among these factors, corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) has been one of the more investigated in the last decade. Increasing evidence indicates that in the event of acute or chronic metabolic, physical, or… CONTINUE READING