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Placental Microbiology and Histology and the Pathogenesis of Chorioamnionitis

  title={Placental Microbiology and Histology and the Pathogenesis of Chorioamnionitis},
  author={G. Pankuch and P. Appelbaum and R. Lorenz and J. Botti and J. Schachter},
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The present study was undertaken to determine the proportion of cases of Chorioamnionitis that was caused by micro-biologic agents. Seventy-five placentas were processed to isolate aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and chlamydia. Results were correlated with the presence or absence of histologic and clinical Chorioamnionitis. Bacteria were recovered from 72% (18 of 25) of placentas with histologic Chorioamnionitis and from nine of 11 cases (82%) of clinical Chorioamnionitis, all of which had… Expand
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