Placental Levels of Human Decidua- Associated Protein 200 in Normal Pregnancy and Missed Abortion

  title={Placental Levels of Human Decidua- Associated Protein 200 in Normal Pregnancy and Missed Abortion},
  author={R. Halperin and E. Hadas and I. Bukovsky and D. Schneider},
  journal={Gynecologic and Obstetric Investigation},
  pages={77 - 79}
Levels of human decidua-associated protein (hDP)200 were measured in homogenized placental tissue samples obtained from 26 induced and 24 missed abortions at 8–23 weeks of pregnancy. No significant difference in the level of placental hDP200 was observed comparing normal pregnancies and missed abortions. Moreover, no significant change in the level of placental hDP200 was demonstrated throughout normal pregnancies and those ending with missed abortions. Our results show that the level of hDP200… Expand
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Topical application of a bioadhesive black raspberry gel modulates gene expression and reduces cyclooxygenase 2 protein in human premalignant oral lesions.
Data show that berry gel application modulated oral IEN gene expression profiles, ultimately reducing epithelial COX-2 protein and vascular densities in the superficial connective tissues and induced genes associated with keratinocyte terminal differentiation. Expand
Effects of a Topically Applied Bioadhesive Berry Gel on Loss of Heterozygosity Indices in Premalignant Oral Lesions
Preliminary data suggest that further evaluation of berry gels for oral IEN chemoprevention is warranted, and histologic regression in a subset of patients as well as statistically significant reduction in LOH at tumor suppressor gene–associated loci are suggested. Expand


Intrauterine Levels of Human Decidua-Associated Protein (hDP) 200 in Normal Pregnancy and Missed Abortion
HDP 200, being a monoclonal rheumatoid factor, is probably not required for the continuation of normal pregnancy, and no significant difference was observed comparing the level of hDP 200 and the pattern of its decrease in missed and induced abortions. Expand
Uterine fluid human decidua-associated protein 200 and implantation after embryo transfer.
Results indicate that hDP 200, identified as a rheumatoid factor secreted by the endometrium, may be involved in the implantation process. Expand
Low levels of human decidua-associated protein 200 in uterine fluid reflect pathological conditions of the endometrium.
It is suggested that uterine fluid hDP 200 may be a useful marker for screening endometrial pathology as a result of hormonal imbalance or as an result of malignant histological differentiation, and it may also be used to monitor the response of the endometrium to progestogen treatment. Expand
Human decidua-associated protein hDP200 in menstrual fluid: comparison between fertile women and women after failed in-vitro fertilization/embryo transfer treatment.
Findings support the concept that adequate endometrial function, as evaluated by menstrual fluid concentration of hDP200, is important for the success of the fertility process. Expand
Rheumatoid factor-associated high-molecular-weight complexes in the menstrual and amniotic fluids.
It is possible that complexing of the immunoglobulins by hDP200 serves as one of the mechanisms that ensure suppression of the immune response to fetal antigens. Expand
Sequential Measurements of Human Decidua‐Associated Protein (hDP) 200 in the Uterine Fluid During the Menstrual Cycle
PROBLEM: To examine the relationship between the concentration of uterine fluid human decidua‐associated protein (hDP) 200, identified as a monoclonal rheumatoid factor, and different phases of theExpand
Identification, immunoaffinity purification and partial characterization of a human decidua-associated protein.
The data suggest that hDP200 is a novel human decidua-associated protein that did not react with polyclonal antibodies specific for PP12 and PP14 and is suggested to be a subunit of the hDP55. Expand
Human decidua-associated protein hDP200 appears to be a rheumatoid factor.
The amino acid sequences of the amino-terminal of the two different polypeptide chains of the human decidua-associated protein hDP200 revealed that it is an immunoglobulin heavy chain, of the VH-III subgroup and the amino -terminal sequence of the 25 kDa chain showed that it was a human kappa V-III light chain. Expand
Identification and partial characterization of a human decidua-associated protein
  • J Reprod Fertil 1990;88:159–165
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