Placenta in PIH.

  title={Placenta in PIH.},
  author={Madhumita Kurdukar and Nandkumar M. Deshpande and Smita S. Shete and Meera Prem Zawar},
  journal={Indian journal of pathology & microbiology},
  volume={50 3},
A variety of changes in placental villi are known to occur in Pregnancy Induced Hypertension. In this study an attempt is made to study 49 placentae from PIH and its correlation to perinatal outcome. Quantification of villous lesions was carried out. The striking villious changes were cytotrophoblastic proliferation, paucity of vasculosyncytial membrane, trophoblastic basement membrane thickening and fibrinoid necrosis of villi. The changes were directly proportional to the severity of disease… CONTINUE READING

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