Place as a Source of Identity in Colonizing Societies: Israeli Settlements in Gaza

  title={Place as a Source of Identity in Colonizing Societies: Israeli Settlements in Gaza},
  author={Izhak Schnell and Shaul Mishal},
  journal={Geographical Review},
  pages={242 - 259}
ABSTRACT. The tendency to reduce the role of places in the formation of sociospatial identities and to emphasize the impact of sociopolitical structures on place making is growing. We argue that, under certain conditions, places may become salient sources of identity formation. In addition, we suggest viewing different types of places on a continuum from mythical “big places,” to everyday‐life places, to parochial “little places.” We further suggest a distinction between mythical and everyday… 
abstract This study addresses place identity among native minorities by focusing on the Arabs in Israel. It follows a recent trend in geography—the environmental-psychology approach to place
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