Pitx3 directly regulates Foxe3 during early lens development.

  title={Pitx3 directly regulates Foxe3 during early lens development.},
  author={Nafees Ahmad and Muhammad Aslam and Doris Muenster and Marion Horsch and Muhammad Amir Khan and Peter Carlsson and J. V. L. Beckers and Jochen Graw},
  journal={The International journal of developmental biology},
  volume={57 9-10},
Pitx3 is a bicoid-related homeodomain transcription factor critical for the development of the ocular lens, mesencephalic dopaminergic neurons and skeletal muscle. In humans, mutations in PITX3 are responsible for cataracts and anterior segment abnormalities of varying degree; polymorphisms are associated with Parkinson’s disease. In aphakia (ak) mice, two deletions in the promoter region of Pitx3 cause abnormal lens development. Here, we investigated systematically the role of Pitx3 in lens… CONTINUE READING