Pituitary adenomas: findings of postoperative MR imaging.

  title={Pituitary adenomas: findings of postoperative MR imaging.},
  author={Edward Steiner and Engelbert Knosp and Christian J. Herold and Josef Kramer and R L Stiglbauer and Kristine E Staniszewski and Herwig Imhof},
  volume={185 2},
Preoperative and postoperative magnetic resonance (MR) images obtained in 25 patients with pituitary macroadenomas (1.1-5.2 cm in diameter) were evaluated to determine normal (physiologic) and abnormal findings after transsphenoidal or subfrontal surgery. With a 1.5-T unit, T1-weighted sagittal and coronal images were obtained before and after administration of gadopentetate dimeglumine. The physiologic changes after surgery included resorption of packing material and sphenoid sinus… CONTINUE READING
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