[Pituitary adenoma revealed by Traquair's syndrome].


Junction scotoma is a classic field defect initially described by Traquair in 1917. Sparse cases have been reported until today. The authors report a silent pituitary adenoma in a 58 year-old female revealed by a junction scotoma. The field defects secondary to insult of chiasma from pituitary tumors besides usual bitemporal hemianopsia are reviewed by the authors. The possibility of minor ophthalmologic symptoms despite voluminous tumor has to be emphasized.

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@article{Candiloros1992PituitaryAR, title={[Pituitary adenoma revealed by Traquair's syndrome].}, author={H Candiloros and E Saudax and J L George and Jacques Lecl{\`e}re and Philippe Hartemann}, journal={Annales d'endocrinologie}, year={1992}, volume={53 5-6}, pages={236-40} }