Pitsupai Collaborative Scripting in a Distributed, Persistent 3D World


In this paper we present an authoring tool and an accompanying workflow to create interactive scenarios in a distributed 3D environment by multiple users. With Pitsupai we designed an environment that allows to create collaboratively simple games or game prototypes with a minimal effort, without the need to be a professional game developer. To facilitate collaborative work, our authoring tool uses a scripting language for easy programming and animation in the virtual world and provides awareness aspects - information regarding the whereabouts and current activities of the other participants. Scripts can be edited from within the running virtual world without the need for stopping or restarting it.

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@article{Engelhard2009PitsupaiCS, title={Pitsupai Collaborative Scripting in a Distributed, Persistent 3D World}, author={Philipp Engelhard and Robert Hirschfeld and Jens Lincke}, journal={2009 Seventh International Conference on Creating, Connecting and Collaborating through Computing}, year={2009}, pages={87-94} }